Geocode.Farm Now Offering Dedicated Geocoding Solutions

Posted: 16-FEB-2015 (Edited: 7-DEC-2015)

Geocode.Farm Now Offering Dedicated Geocoding Solutions!

Today, we announce the release of a new product and a new generation of Geocode.Farm; Today, we announce Dedicated Geocoding Solutions!

What is Dedicated Geocoding Solutions?

That's simple. It's an API of your own, for your use only, that has the same data as our public API. It's IP restricted to the IP addresses you specify when you setup the solution, so only you have access to it.

Why do I need a Dedicated Geocoding Solution? / Why not just use the public API?

The public API is good for most users, however it isn't for everyone. It is sometimes a little slow or just bogged down with users. It is also more vulnerable to attacks from abusers and DDoS attacks, as it is publicly accessible. With the Dedicated Geocoding Solution, you will have an entire server dedicated to processing your queries and won't be accessible by anyone other than you. Also, with Dedicated Geocoding Solutions, you will have unlimited queries per day, instead of being limited.

Can you customize the output of the Dedicated Geocoding Solution to meet my needs?

Yes, we can customize the output to suit your needs. We can include as little or as much information in your responses as we have data to do so with. Standard setup is similar to the v2 API and outputs only address and coorinates returned, however, we can include address components and timezone data for example in your output.

How much will it cost me?

Our latest pricing for Dedicated Geocoding Solutions is currently a charge £500 for setup fees (one-time) and £2000 per month for the services. We do require a one-year contract to be signed within 30 days of setup or the solution will be deactivated and deleted at that point. This gives you one month to try the service before being locked into the contract. You will need to provide us with credit card details to bill you for the services. Longer or shorter contract periods are available, but the pricing will vary based on whether it is longer (less costly) or shorter (more costly). Dedicated Services may also add a "Redistribution License" for an extra £1000/month.

How do I get setup?

You must contact and specify that you would like to signup for a Dedicated Solution, after which, they will take your information and ask you some questions to see what you need and get you setup. They will need information like your billing details, your name, company name (if any), phone number, what you need the solution for, how long of a contract period you will need, what fields you want included, any other another information that will help them ensure the solution gets setup to your unique specifications.

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