Common Questions (FAQs)

Updated: 2015-01-15

For your convenience and to help resolve commonly asked questions or concerns, we have have compiled this Q&A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This list may be referenced to as "FAQs","Frequently Asked Questions", or "Common Questions". This list is provided for informational purposes only and we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in this list. This list may be changed, modified, or deleted at any time and is updated from time to time.

Geocode.Farm is one of the leading providers of Geocoding Services on the internet today. We currently have many customers in many countries, across many continents, around the world.

Geocode.Farm is an Online Services Provider(OSP). Geocode.Farm has been around for a while, however, the domain "Geocode.Farm" is fairly new as the extension ".farm" didn't previously exist. We have also changed hands a few times in the past and went through a few corporate restructures. We are now satisfied with where we are and do not forsee changing of hands or corporate restructuring occuring anymore. Even during restructuring and changing of hands, we have never failed to provide our customers with support or shutdown the API. We have stayed up and running through everything, so you can be assured we will always be online.

Geocode.Farm is currently owned and operated by ShellBot Ltd., a Belize Internation Business Company ("IBC") persuant to Section 14(3) of The International Business Companies Act and has complied with all requirements in respect to said Act. ShellBot Ltd.'s IBC Certificate Number is 157,742 and was incorporated on the 3rd day of November, 2015 in Belize City, Belize. Our mailing address is ShellBot Ltd., Friedrichstr. 123, Berlin 10117, Deutschland. Our customer service phone number is: +49 (0)30 30809103 (you must have a customer support PIN from in dashboard to contact customer service at this number). Our sales and information email address is:

You can view more about our company at our corporate site:

  1. Free API (IP Based & 250 Daily Limit)
  2. Paid API (API Key & Plan Based Limit)
  3. Forward Geocoding Lookups
  4. Reverse Geocoding Lookups

* We reserve the right to add, change, or remove services at any time; with or without notice. Feel free to check the Documentation or check here for a list of services available at any given time.

  1. Standard XML Format
  2. PrettyPrint jSON Format

* Most users prefer the lighter weight JSON response because it is much smaller and faster processed than the bulky XML alternative.

We accept the following Major Card Brands:
  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express

* Maestro Cards are currently not accepted due to our upstream payment provider's limitations on the use of such cards. They require "3D Authentication" which causes issues for both consumers and merchants as well as causes mass amounts of frustration for both parties involved in a transaction online. We recommend against using Maestro Cards for online purchases especially if you do not wish to enter "seperate" login information for your credit card each time you use it. On top of this, most banks that issue maestro cards issue them with account and routing numbers on them; with no card number, cvv, or expiration date on them.

Your bank may charge fees, depending upon your issuing bank. Your bank / card company may add up to two types of additional charges, in addition to your monthly payment:

  1. A conversion fee to exchange the payment from your local currency to GBP (or vise-versa).
  2. A “foreign transaction” fee if your account / card is based in another country than our processor (in Germany).

* These fees are at the discression of your card issuer and we can not control them. These fees will normally only apply to non-Germany based card holders or those with non-GBP account balances. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for these or other fees that your bank may charge you at its sole discression. This information is scrictly for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as an accurate source of fees. You should contact your bank if in doubt to get accurate information.

Payments are processed using the Credit/Debit Card information on your account. You provided such information when opening your account or updating it in the Dashboard. If you need to update this info, you can do so in the Dashboard.

Payments are processed automatically on a recurring basis every thirty(30) days from the opening of your account, except for annual accounts. Annual accounts are billed every 360 days from the opening of your account.
Example: You sign up on the first, you will be charged on signup for the first month of service and again on the 30th at midnight for the second(2nd) month of service. If that month ends on say, the thirty-first(31st), you will be charged for month three(3) on the 29th of the next month and so on.

* We use a traditional "30 day" billing cycle to avoid confusion and frustration during shorter or longer months such as "28" or "29" day Febuary and "31" day January or March.

You will recieve an email from us notifying you of the decline and telling you to either update your card or add funds.

We will re-attempt the Card every 24 hours until successful.

You will be notified via email each time your card declines.

If the Card declines for 3 days in a row, you will not be able to process any more queries until your balance is resolved.

If your Card is declined and it won't be resolved within 3 days, we recommend you change your Payment Method in the Dashboard to avoid account cancellation.

Note: If your account is suspended due to non-payment, it will not be able to process requests, but you can still log into the Dashboard and your data won't be deleted immediately. You can still update your Payment Method which will charge your new card and re-activate your account during the next processing cycle. However, after 7 days have passed from your due date, we reserve the right to delete your account permanently.

We do not offer refunds. We have a very stict no refund policy. Prorating is at our sole discression. We expressly deny any and all warranties or suggestions of refunds or prorating. We make no such guarantees. If refunds are to be issued at our discression, we shall issue such refunds as an account credit in terms of days remaining before next billing. If your account is closed at the time that you request a refund, we reserve the right to deny your entire claim.

IMPORTANT: Before you go filing a claim because we refuse you a refund, please read the Terms of Service you agreed to upon opening your account. You agreed to authorize your bank to close such disputes in our favor and if not closed in our favor regardless of your agreement to do so, to allow us to re-process the original amount. You also agreed to allow us to charge you a £100 fee for the chargeback. Therefore, a chargeback can be quite expensive on your end and will likely lead you nowhere. We don't take kindly to persons ordering a service and then attempting to take the money paid for the service back, such is theft and is a criminal charge in most countries. If your bank refuses to cooperate with us, we will contact proper authorities in regards to a theft case and may file suit in a court of law to obtain an order of judgement requiring you to return the money or instructing the bank to do so. Most suits will first be filed against the bank to obtain an order requiring them to return the money plus applicable fees under the Terms of Service your agreed upon that they ignored. If the court says that it was not their fault and it was yours, a suit against you personally will likely follow.

Of course. You can store them for later use as much as you like, we actually suggest you store them in your own database system so that you may access them later without the need to reuse our and your server resource for the same result multiple times.
The limits are based on your plan. Please check your plan for the usage limit. You can also see your current limit in the dashboard and in the results of a query.
Usage limit counts are reset around midnight America/Eastern Time, nightly, or about 6AM Europe/Berlin Time. This may vary slightly depending on when our system gets finished with other runs and runs the reset.
Yes, as of October, 2013. We currently provide access over standard HTTP and HTTPS for the API. It's better to use SSL whenever possible to avoid data leaks and interception during transmission. HTTPS (SSL) is required for access to our website and Dashboard and non-SSL request are automatically forwarded / transferred to SSL.
We use some of the same data or providers to process your requests as these other big-name companies use in their systems. After all, most areas only have data provided by a single Government Sponsored Agency or Company. See our Data Souces List for more details.

* These FAQs may be modified at any time, without reason, and with or without notice.