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Privacy Policy

Updated: 07-JUN-2015

  1. Introduction
    1. Geocode.Farm is an Online Services Provider(or OSP, for short). Federal Law requires that we notify you of the personal information we collect and how we use, share, and/or distribute it. We have created this Privacy Policy to serve that purpose.
    2. Geocode.Farm respects your privacy and has a strong anti-spam policy. We do not partake in nor condone the action of sending unsolicited communications to our users. We strongly believe that all of our users, regardless of locality, have a right to privacy. As such, we will never share, sell, or distribute our users' personal information without their prior consent. By using or accessing our website or services, you agree to and accept the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy.

  2. Information Collected
    1. We collect certain information about you, your queries, your location, etc. that is necessary for our operations.
    2. Examples of data collected include, but are not limited to:
      1. Your Name(s)
      2. Your E-Mail Address(es)
      3. A Password For Your Account(s)
      4. Your IP Address(es)
      5. Billing / Contact Information
      6. Query Count and/or History

  3. Third Parties
    1. Geocode.Farm DOES NOT, nor will we ever; share, sell, or distribute the information we collect about you to any third parties. An exception to this, of course, is law enforcement (see next section).
    2. Other exceptions to us not sharing information with third parties are for billing, collections, and/or business purposes. We may, for example, share your credit card and Personally Identifiable Information with 3rd party payment processor(s) for the purpose of billing.

  4. Law Enforcement
    1. We reserve the right to, with or without your knowledge, provide law enforcement, federal and state governments, and judicial staff(including the District Attorney, Attorney General, etc.) with any and all of your information to aid in law enforcement activities (civil and/or criminal), regardless of the target of such actions or investigations.
    2. We do not require a court order to provide law enforcement with information we deem helpful to them in enforcing the law(s).
    3. There are no exceptions to this section.

  5. Changes / Updates
    1. Geocode.Farm reserves the right to change or alter this policy at any time, for any reason, and with or without notice, written or otherwise.

  6. Jurisdiction / Validity
    1. This policy is governed by the laws of Belize and the Federal Republic of Germany.
    2. In the event that any section of this policy be deemed invalidated or deemed illegal by a judge of appropriate jurisdiction in Belize or the Federal Republic of Germany, all other sections shall remain intact and will be considered valid and binding upon the parties.
    3. Any disputes in regards to our practices will be by binding arbitration only and held by an arbitrator and in a location to be chosen my Geocode.Farm at its discression. Any outcome of binding arbitration is considered final and indisputable.

* This Privacy Policy is subject to change.

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